We have made it through the cold and dark winter and now it is time to break the winter blues and cleanse our homes and our bodies. Spring cleaning is an annual tradition where people thoroughly clean their homes inside and out and, while you are in the cleaning mood, it might be good to consider cleaning up your diet. In part 1 of this two part blog post, we will share tips on cleaning your house, while part 2 will focus on strategies for cleaning your diet.

5 Tips for Spring cleaning your house:

1. Make a plan-If you haven’t done a lot of spring cleaning, it can seem like an overwhelming task. There is so much that can be done, how do you decide what to do? Having a plan or a tick list can help prevent burnout halfway through the job and keep you focused until the job is complete. Sit down and make a list of everything you want to accomplish in your spring cleaning. One strategy for making your list is to go room by room. This website offers further suggestions for cleaning room by room. About.com
This is a printable tick list offered by Martha Stewart that has a slightly different approach. printable checklist
2. Get all of your supplies before you start-Once you have made your list, think through which cleaners, supplies, products, etc. you will need and make sure you have everything before the big day. If you are making your own cleaning solutions, make those up ahead of time or at least make sure you have enough ingredients.
3. Skip the cleaning jobs that have recently been done and focus on the parts of your house that have been neglected all winter long-If there are some jobs you do on a somewhat regular basis, you may get the urge to add those to your list if they are needing done; however, those are more likely to get done the next time you clean, so skip those and save your motivation for those cleaning jobs you only do once a year.
4. Arrange a donations pick up from a charity shop for the day after your clean-Spring cleaning involves a lot of de-cluttering and if you know someone is coming to pick it up, it will encourage you to gather it up and get it out of the house. If you would rather take it yourself rather than have a pick up, take the donation items straight to your car. If you leave them in a corner or in a closet with the intention of taking them “later”, the items may end up staying there for a long time.
5. Recruit help-Each room can take a few hours to deep clean, so it will be a much more pleasant and speedy task if you can get some help. You may have to bribe or offer rewards for help!