Monotonous. Mundane. Routine. Complacent. At some point in our lives, many of us could use these words to describe our day. It is easy to get stuck in rut and allow life to creep on by. The very things that can suck us into routine “busyness” (work, raising a family, school, internet, telly, exercise, etc) can also be a source of excitement, fun, and fond memories if you approach them in a new way. Consider breaking free of the mundane by allowing yourself to try new things and get creative.

For one week, I was inspired to break free of the mundane by joining a charity scavenger hunt event. The event happens once a year for one week. It is called g.i.s.h.w.h.e.s. which stands for the “Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.” Gishwhes believes that “normalcy” is overrated and that true “living” can be found hidden under the rocks of community artistic creation, acts of artistic public performances, and random acts of kindness. Gishwhes believes we are all artists and have gifts for society no matter what our capabilities or talents. Gishwhes supports a charity called Random Acts, a non-profit organization that is aiming to conquer the world, one random act of kindness at a time. They are dedicated to funding and inspiring acts of kindness around the world. Check out their website for more information.

“Look around; there are simple ways to demonstrate kindness on a daily basis. A stranger needs help carrying his groceries. A homebound neighbor could use some cheering up. These opportunities crop up every day and most of us are so busy that we miss them. All you have to do is pay attention and offer kindness whenever, wherever you can.” –Random Acts website

My gishwhes experience

Teams of 15 receive a list of 200 different items or tasks and have one week to complete as many tasks as they can. The tasks are creative, absurd, and challenging. Gishwhes explains, “We like to have participants break out of their comfort zones, re-awaken their inner artist, and do a bit of good in the world.” This is exactly what happened! My team was spread out so we used Facebook as a way to stay organised and communicate. We each listed which tasks we would like to take on and posted our results to the group as we completed them. Here are some of the tasks my team completed:

Zombies playing croquet

Throw a goodbye party for a board game and then donate it to a charity shop

tai chi
Practice Tai Chi while feeding each other breakfast

The week was filled with chatting to strangers, exercising the creative part of my brain, and becoming more aware of the people around me. I also couldn’t have accomplished a lot of the tasks without the help of my friends. I am thankful I took the time to break free of the mundane and I look forward to exploring other ways to keep my life vivacious.