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“New Year, New House Espresso!

We’re changing things up and saying goodbye to Columbia Excelso and hello to TEAM!

Fittingly, this Brazilian and Columbian blend was created by Thomsons in March 2020 and was originally dedicated to the wonderful NHS staff working throughout the pandemic, with the roaster donating thousands of pounds from its sale to the NHS in 2020.

Now Thomsons have decided to add it to their permanent range and we love it. Quite similar to our old Columbia, this has notes of dark chocolate, almond and orange and is the perfect everyday coffee however you like to drink it! ” Liv, Zest.


Espresso £2.25 – A Wee Cup of Excellence!

Macchiato £2.30 – Espresso With a Drop of Textured Milk

Filter £2.25 – A Light-Bodied Coffee, Best Enjoyed Without Milk

Americano £2.80 – Hot Water Topped with Espresso. Can add hot or cold milk.

Latte £3.00 – Espresso Topped with Steamed Milk

Flat White £2.95 – 50:50 Espresso : Textured Milk. A Shorter, More Intense Drink with Slightly Cooler Milk to Increase Sweetness.

Cappuccino £3.00- 1/3 Espresso, 1/3 Steamed Milk, 1/3 Creamy Foam.

Mocha £3.50 – Espresso & Chocolate with Textured Milk 

V60 £3.85 – Drip coffee using a V shaped filter


Caramel/ Vanilla/ Hazelnut/ Chai

Alternative Milks 35p

Almond/ Soya/ Oat

Decaf 30p

Our Decaf is Speciality Grade Coffee, Ground Fresh from Beans to Order… So Good you will not Notice it is Decaf! It Takes an Extra 10 Hours to Process the Green Coffee for a Good Quality Decaf. This makes it More Expensive for us to buy, so we have to Charge a little extra for it.

Guest Espresso – Add 30p or 40p

A chance to try a truly unique and rare coffee selected by us to be an Experience. Our Guest Espresso is rotated regularly allowing you to try the more Expensive Coffees of the World.

Your Barista will Advise on the Best Combination for This Espresso. Can be Ordered as a Straight Espresso or as a Milk-Based Drink.

Other Hot Drinks and iced coffees

Hot Chocolate £3.50 – High Quality Cocoa and Steamed Milk

Deluxe Hot Chocolate £3.85 – Cocoa, Marshmallows and Whipped Cream

Ginger Chai Latte £3.50 – A Hot Blend of Chai Syrup with Exotic Spices and Steamed Milk Topped with Cinnamon. A Real Hug in a Mug.

London Fog £3.50 – Classic Earl Grey with Blue Flowers, a Dash of Vanilla and Steamed Milk. Please allow 7-8 Minutes Preparation Time.

loose Leaf Tea

High Quality Loose Leaf Blends served in an 18oz Pot which is 1-2 Cups per Person.

Scottish Breakfast Tea £2.80 – A Blend of Assam & Ceylon Teas, Giving You a Bold, Malty, Deep Flavour

Ginger Chai £3.00 – A Hot Blend of Black Tea & Exotic Spices. This Fiery, Sweet, Spicy Aromatic Tea is Sure to Warm you to the Very Core.

Gunpowder Green Tea £3.00- Fairly Full Flavoured Green Tea, with Hints of Smoke & Pepper. This is a Perfect Base to Add Peppermint or a Fruit Infusion Too!


caffeine Free Tea – £3.00

Ceylon Black Tea – High Quality Decaf Loose Leaf Tea from Sri Lanka

Rooibos (Red Bush Tea) – Renowned for it’s High Vitamin C and Anti-Oxidant Levels. Works Great with Added Fruit Infusions!

Ginger Herbal Infusion – A Blend of Ginger, Lemongrass and a Little Liquorice! Very High Anti-Oxidant & Vitamin C. This is Our Go To Tea when you Need a Pick Me Up!

Peppermint – Fresh & Zingy Dried Leaves. Rubbed Peppermint is a Well Known Digestive Aid, with Natural Sweet Fresh Flavours.

Chamomile – Naturally Sweet Floral Flavours. Famous for Sleep Inducing Properties.

Fruit Infusions – Cherry & Raspberry.

Food Menu

BREAKFAST Served All Day


Oats with milk served with Honey or Maple Syrup – £3.65

Add Banana – 50p

Hot Filled Rolls

Choice of Bacon, Sausage, Hash Brown (vegan/GF), Fried/Scrambled Egg, Vegetable Sausages (vegan)

1 Filling – £4.00

Extra Fillings – £1.00 each

full Scottish Breakfast – £9.99

Sausages, Bacon, Hash Brown, Tomato, Mushrooms, Fried/Scrambled Egg, Toast

Veggie Breakfast – £9.65

Vegetable Sausage, Hash Brown, Tomato, Mushrooms, Fried/Scrambled Egg, Beans, Toast

Toast & Butter – £3.75

Add Jam or Honey – Free

With Fried/Scrambled Eggs and Side Salad Garnish – £5.65

Add Orange Juice for £1.00



Zest Baguettes are made fresh daily, please see our display cabinets by the front door for selection.

Take-away for £4.40

Enjoy Plated up with a side salad and coleslaw for £6.50

Add soup for £2.50

Vegan Options Available


Try our New Toasties in Mushroom or Ham and Emmental Cheese.

Toasted to Perfection

Take-away for £4.50

Enjoy Plated up with a side salad and coleslaw for £6.50

Add soup for £2.50

Pepperoni Pizza Twist

Toasted to Perfection.

Why not try one of our New Pepperoni Pizza Twists. Served with Homemade Coleslaw and a Side Salad Garnish for £5.50 

Take one away for just £4.40.

Add one of our Delicious Homemade Soups for just £2.50.


Toasted Bagels

A Toasted Bagel served with a Side Salad Garnish in Your Choice of the Following Fillings:

Mozzarella, Pesto, Tomato – £7.75 Take-away £5.75

Bacon, Cream Cheese & Red Onion – £7.75 Take-away £5.75

Houmous, Grated Carrot, Olives, Sunblush Tomatoes & Spinach (Vegan) – £7.50 Take-away £5.50

Plain Bagel with Butter and Jam £3.25 Take-away £3.25

Plain Bagel with Butter and Bacon £5.00 Take-away £4.50

Plain Cream Cheese Bagel – £3.85 Take-away £3.50

Gluten-Free Options Available

SOUP & Bread – £4.50   T/a £3.50

At Zest we Often have up to 4 soup choices a day! Please See Our Choice of Homemade Soups on the Wall to the Left at the Till.

Gluten free bread available – takes an extra 5 minutes to toast.


Hash Brown and Egg (Scrambled/ Fried) – £3.00

Soup & Roll – £2.50

Grated Cheese on a White Morning Roll with Butter or Mayo – £3.00

Chicken Pieces on a White Morning Roll with Butter or Mayo – £3.50


A Hot Waffle Served With Honey/ Maple Syrup – £3.75

Extra Waffle – £1.50

Add Banana – £0.75

Add Bacon – £1.00


Pastries – £2.70 T/A £2.25

Big Cake – £3.30  T/A £3.00

Traybake – £2.95  T/A £2.50

Scone – £2.75  T/A £2.25


Gluten-Free and Vegan Options Available

We are Zest