Zest have been involved in a variety of training courses since 2014, these vary from simple introduction to coffee courses to full professional barista qualifications. Many of our courses follow the SCAE programmes (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) and result in recognised qualifications.
Whether you are an individual who wishes to learn more about coffee & tea just out of sheer interest, or even for professional reasons, Zest will be able to deliver a training programme that is fun, informative and friendly. If you are a business we can help train your staff to better understand the world of tea & coffee, making your team more knowledgeable, motivated and productive when dealing with customers.
For a brief description of our courses see below but for more detailed information please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.
SCAE – Speciality Coffee Association of Europe
The overriding goal of SCAE is to spread the knowledge of great coffee! Whether this is through entering any of the competitions we oversee, or by attending any of the training events we host throughout the year.
SCAE is also about fun and friendship! The competitions are not only a great way to learn but also about meeting other people in the ever growing coffee community and forging great new friendships and contacts. SCAE is an association with a growing number of members – people like you, who are looking for coffee excellence. Our members come from all areas of the coffee industry, from machine manufacturers to roasters, cafe owners and ancillary suppliers. To find out more about membership go to http://scae.com/members/new-membership-packages-2016 just remember to tell them where you heard about it!

Introduction to Speciality Coffee

This is a SCAE accredited course which is great for people with a keen interest in learning more about coffee, and care about what they are both buying and drinking whether at home or in their own cafe.  We put all of our team members at Zest Cafe through this course to really give them an insight into the quality product that they are working with every day and why it is so good. This is a 5hr course 1230-530pm, with a 20 minute break for refreshments.

  • What is Speciality Coffee and where it fits our market
  • The history of coffee 
  • The differences between Arabica and Robusta beans
  • The differences between “washed” (wet) and “natural” (dry) processed coffee 
  • The basics of roasting (light, medium, dark roast)
  • The basics of brewing (what is brewing, alternative methods around the world)
  • Storage, preservation & the importance of freshness.
  • Sensory, tasting & understanding flavour descriptions.
Cost: £85.00 per person, without exam certification. £120.00 per person with exam and SCAE certification. This gives you 10 points towards a SCAE Coffee Diploma, go to http://scae.com/training-and-education/coffee-diploma-system for more information.

Home Brewing Class

Join our evening masterclass with professional Baristas Matt & Johny to learn about Speciality Coffee,  looking after your beans, and how to grind and brew them to perfection.  You will learn 3 different brewing methods that are quick and easy to do at home, and will impress any guests at a dinner party!   This is suitable for any level, all you need to bring is yourself everything else is provided.  Maximum 8 people per class.
Cost: £40.00 per person

Introduction to Latte Art

Always wanted to know how to make a perfect heart or rosetta? Latte art is increasingly popular and a lot to do with practice, but you need to have the perfect milk texture and technique to get it right to start with.  As one of the most photographed/instagram/tweeted images out there by customers, getting it right and producing beautifully crafted drinks is important. This class is suitable for both the home barista, and those already working in the industry who would like to improve their skills/technique. This is a 3hr course with a maximum of 3 people.
Cost: £70.00 per person.

Sensory Class

Understanding of how the human body perceives the sensory experience, Understanding commonly used cupping terminology, how to communicate the sensory experience and set up of a professional cupping table. Would you like to learn more about body, aroma and the difference between a taste and a flavour….with a little bit of chemistry thrown in? This is a 2hr class for up to 10 people.
Cost: £40.00 per person

Upcoming Dates in St Andrews:

July 27th – 6 places

August 24th – 6 places

September 28th – 6 place

October 26th – 6 places

November 23rd – 6 places