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Retail Coffee & Equipment

Here we will keep you up to date about the range of coffee beans we have on offer for you to take home. Ask at the counter and we can grind them adjusted to your preferred brewing method.

Our beans range from high quality coffee best enjoyed every day, to something a little more interesting if you would like to have a go at picking out some more unique different flavours, to top of the range aimed to offer a more unique experience, best savoured and mostly enjoyed by the more experienced coffee connoisseur.

Replace and refill your own brewing equipment here. Or why not try a different brewing method? Ask Lisa or one of our well-trained baristas for more information.

We also have a great selection of quality loose leaf teas from our Scottish neighbour The Wee Tea Company. Sold in a funky packaging, you are sure to find a flavour you are looking for.

We love speciality coffee

We are Zest