Retail Coffee

At We Are Zest, we are passionate about getting that perfect cuppa into your mug and our own. Looking at specialty coffee can be an intimidating experience—origins, process methods, what does it all mean?! Luckily, every single employee at Zest has been in that exact position as new hires. Feel free to browse and ask as many questions as you want— we are always more than happy to walk you through our various offerings from coffee and tea brewing kit to books on specialty coffee and individual roasts and roasters. But be warned—we will bring our subjective opinions to the table… Including my opinion that Cairngorm’s Jaragua is the best guest espresso we have featured since returning in March, and Colonna’s Parami Natural is the best filter I have had the pleasure of trying. The diversity of coffee taste and experience on our team is part of what shapes the inclusive coffee culture of Zest; we have something for every caffeine fiend (or decaf enthusiast) from the ultra-rare, limited batch Colonna Pico Mirante to the Thompson’s Columbia Excelso we use as our house espresso.
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If you are in for a quick fix to your coffee bean shortage, we also have a simple and efficient colour-coding system to communicate what coffees may be more suitable for your level of experience. We cater to those with beginner experience as casual coffee drinkers, to those who have intermediate experience and are a bit adventurous with their daily cup or six, and to those who are all-in coffee nerds looking to test their palate with every sip. While all our coffees come whole bean, we can grind them up on site when you make your purchase, customising the grind to your preferred brew method. Whether you want to chat varietals or want a hassle-free purchase, Zest has the beans for you.
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