Rose & Thistle Market

We had our second foray this weekend at the St. Andrews Rose & Thistle Makers Market, which is on every 2nd Saturday of the month. This market encourages support for local makers, bakers and artists whilst also supporting a good cause. The February market raised donations for the New Hope Community House Fife, a charity which works to end poverty and homelessness in Fife. March will be supporting Home Start East-Fife.  This is a cause particularly close to Zest’s heart as a social enterprise focused on breaking down employment barriers through provision of opportunity and work training. We recognise that a lack of access to living-wage employment with flexible hours is often the root of poverty, particularly in larger families[1] , and the opportunity to support these initiatives and provide goods in support of causes such as this is essential to Zest’s vision and mission.

The March market raised donations for Home-Start East Fife, a voluntary organisation who work to help families with young children by offering support, friendship and practical assistance in order to prevent family breakdown or crisis.

Community building is the basis for Zest’s involvement in these markets. Coffee is in part a source of connection: The drink we enjoy to start our mornings and the cup we get to reconnect with old friends. Conversation and coffee go together like milk and sugar, and fostering these conversations is one of our favourite pastimes. While Zest is committed to providing excellent customer care within our café itself, it can be difficult to have bigger conversations about coffee at the register.

Therefore these markets are a fantastic opportunity for new and returning Zest customers to ask all your coffee questions, from brew methods and recipe recommendations to real coffee geek chats about processing and sustainability. We at Zest are staunch believers that everyone is a beginner at some point in their coffee journey and there are never any silly questions. For those new to the Specialty Coffee community, the Rose & Thistle Markets are also an excellent opportunity for one-on-one brew care to help you find the right coffee for your tastes and level, or for another coffee-lover in your life. If you have any burning questions or are just looking for a chat about your favourite brew, come find us at the next Rose & Thistle Makers Market on Saturday 9th April 2022.

– Greysen, Zest.

[1] Ann Huff Stevens, ‘Employment and Poverty,’ University of California Center for Poverty and Inequality Research, Employment and Poverty – Center for Poverty and Inequality Research ( [Accessed 19/02/22].