Two Zest staff complete training at the Leopold Coffee School

The intense 10 day coffee course in Holland is coming to an end for Johny and Lisa. It has been 10 days of study, stress, practice, exams. Those 10 days were also filled with meeting other great professionals, developing new skills, and learning from the best.

Why did they travel to Holland for their training?

The Leopold Koffieschool

The Leopold Coffee School is an independent research institute that offers various workshops and training courses. The average coffee drinker may not be aware of the amount of methods, science, knowledge, and variables involved in producing a cup of coffee. The Leopold coffee school teaches everything about the process; the background, origins, farming, tastes of the coffees, and the best ways to prepare it. The director of the school, Joost Leopold, believes the coffee world is constantly evolving and is improving day by day, so it is important to stay informed. The school is innovative and educational. They work exclusively with sustainable coffee and baristas from all over the world attend this school.

For more details about the school, visit their website (translated) :

Going to Holland for 10 days was no holiday for Lisa and Johny. There was a large amount of preparation required before they even left and while they were there it was lots of studying, practise, and lots of coffee! The rest of the staff at Zest look forward to their return and look forward to the new teaching and training we will receive from what they learned while they were away. Congrats, Lisa and Johny, on all your hard work and accomplishing this major goal you set out to achieve.

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